b'Our VisionTo create a happy and healthy community through our aim to inspire, support and celebrate volunteerism and recreation in our community.Our Mission To promote recreational activities and volunteer opportunities for growth and enhancement by developing an array of diverse, free activities and multicultural events that promote engagement, community service and foster environmental stewardship while meeting our core values with the community.Our Core ValuesInclusion We strive to reflect diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our activities and services.Sustainability We work to improve environmental and recreational functions and improve the connection between people and the environment.Collaboration We seek to strengthen partnerships between the City of Sammamish, private organizations, volunteers and community groups to efficiently provide recreational opportunities to our residents.Health & Wellness We contribute to Sammamishs health and wellness by providing safe and accessible parks, facilities, activitiesand events.Customer Service We provide a high-quality parks system through exceptional customer service and stewardship.Accountability We commit to being professionally accountable to our customers, to our partners, to one another and to ourselves.Fair Play The City of Sammamish complies with the State of Washingtons Fair Play in Community Sports Act (Chapter 467, 2009 Laws, effective date July 26, 2009) that prohibits discrimination against any person in a community athletic program on the basis of sex. Questions or comments may be directed to the City of Sammamish Parks and Recreation Director.sammamish.usSammamish Parks and Recreation Guide3'