b'CAMPSThe Med School 4 Teen program Thinking about a career in medicine? Students www.littlemedicalschool.com/will role-play the key responsibilities of a seattle/registration/ doctor and how to administer first aid inembed.snapology.com/licensee/89/emergency situations. These future doctors events/location Little Pediatrician Schoolwill learn about lung disease, water safety, how to perform CPR and Heimlich Maneuver, Be Your Babys First Doctor! Students willthe different elements that make up blood,Castles & Kingdoms+role-play the key responsibilities of athe several layers of skin, digestion, kidneys,Minecraft Mining & Buildingpediatrician and learn how to care for a baby.broken bones, hypothermia, how to use aIn the morning, students will escape and These future pediatricians will learn how tostethoscope, snake bites, and discuss theplay in the world of magic, fairy tales, and change a diaper, bathe, burp, swaddle, andsteps to becoming a doctor. Each student willroyalty. In Snapologys Castles & Kingdoms bottle feed a baby, explore the different partsreceive a diploma as a graduate of Med Schoolprogram, students will have the opportunity of the brain and spine, perform a physical4 Teens upon completion of the course. to use LEGO bricks to design their medieval exam, administer first aid, and discoverAugust 15 fantasies while also bringing the real history the functions of the heart and lungs. Each14pm to life! Yes, your student will do more than student will receive a lab coat, plush baby andjust build with LEGO bricks, they will build diploma as a graduate of Little PediatricianAges 1215School upon completion of the course. their historical understanding of the unique Sports Medelements that make the medieval time period July 59 Come explore the exciting world of Sportssuch a fascinating point in human history. 9am12pm Medicine! With your white coat and reflexAfter lunch, students will get to travel to the Ages 612 hammer, learn how real doctors do anNether with Snapologybut watch out for assessment for sports injuries. Learn tothose creepers! Come join us as we bring Little Vet Schooldiagnosis and treatsprains, strains,joints,Minecraft to life using LEGO bricks. Create Every dog needs a friend! Students will role- athletes foot, blisters. See what its like to be anyour own world, including animals, creepers play the key responsibilities of a veterinarianorthopedic surgeon and perform Tommy Johnand your very own Minecraft character.and learn how to care for a dog. These futureSurgery. Make a model of the hand and see howJun 27Jul 1veterinarians will learn how to remove ticks,the tendons and ligaments work. Learn what9am4pm give immunizations, suture lacerations, readcan go wrong! As a graduate of Little Medical an x-ray, design their own veterinarian office,School you will have a better understanding ofAges 611and explore dog digestion and more. Eachwhat it is like in the world of Sports Medicine!Jedi Masters+ Animal Roboticsstudent will receive alab coat, plush dog andTake home a real reflex hammer, joint model, diploma as a graduate of Little Veterinariantendon model and Tommy John surgery activityIn the morning, students will bring the School upon completion of the course alongfor continued learning even after graduation!world of Star Wars to life with their with supplies for each class. Each student will receive a diploma as amaster builder skills and our intergalactic-graduate of Sports Medicine School uponstructured activities. Motivated to become July 59 completion of the course. Jedis like the heroes they know from the 14pm August 2226 movies, they will learn to concentrate on Ages 612 9am12pm mastering the Force, appreciating the use of teamwork to build battle drones and Little Doctor SchoolFutureAges 812 AT-Walkers, and if theyre skills are up to Doctor Summer CampThe Wilderness Medicine Camppar, make their very own lightsaber and Inspired learning today - healthy futuresuse it in challenges! May the force be with Conquer the great outdoors! Students willyou as the most competent Padawans tomorrow! Students will role-play the keyrole-play emergency situations in therise through the Jedi ranks! After lunch, responsibilities of a doctor and learn aboutwild and learn how to prepare for naturalstudents will work in teams to create a zoo vital organs in the human body. These futuredisasters. These future emergency medicsof interactive and mechanical animals. doctors will practice suturing stitches andwill learn about snake bites, hypothermia,Children will build robotic animals and administering first aid; they will learn about thetourniquets, poisonous plants, edible plants,explore different mechanisms such as tilt heart, lungs, bones, brain, spine, eyes, digestion,distress signals, forest fires, tornadoes,and motion sensors, motors, and coding and how pharmacists play a role in prescribingstorms, mosquito bites, and water safety.skills to help them bring their creation medicine. Each student will receive a lab coat,Each student will receive a diploma as ato life, all while having fun learning stethoscope and diploma as a graduate of Littlegraduate of Wilderness MedicineSchoolimportant social and technical skills.Doctor School upon completion of the course. upon completion of the course.August 15 August 2226 Aug 8129am12pm 14pm 9am4pm Ages 612 Ages 415 Ages 611sammamish.usSammamish Parks and Recreation Guide9'